A Top Metal Supplier & Scrap Yard in Fort Worth, TX

Are you looking for a place to take your unwanted appliances, aluminum cans, non-ferrous items (copper, brass, aluminum), or other metal items? Or are you working on, or planning a steel project?

Look no further, Westex Iron and Metal is the place to go. We cater to the metal needs for individual customers and on an industrial level as well.

We have a friendly staff ready to assist you. Drop by so we can meet you and lend a hand with your metal needs. We are in Fort Worth, Texas, located ten blocks north of the courthouse and 1 block west of Main St. Hope to see you soon.



For 63 years Westex has served the good folks of Fort Worth and the surrounding area. Our specialties include fast, friendly service at a competitive price for scrap iron and metals, new steel sales, and usable steel and aluminum sales.


Westex Iron & Metal cares about the environment and has provided the city of Fort Worth with a wide range of recycling services since 2000. Our recycling center offers local recycling programs that provide environmentally safe waste-disposal alternatives to individuals, families and companies nationwide. Contact us today and help us make the world a cleaner place!



1000 N Houston St, Fort Worth, TX 76164

Phone: (817) 626-7033

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